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Artículos científicos en ortodoncia

Protocolo de tratamiento en ortodoncia

  1. Nivelación 4x2: Importancia sobre su aplicación en la dentición mixta y permanente
  2. Relación intra-arcada en la dentición temporal: Diastemas, ausencia de diastemas y apiñamiento
  3. Arch width changes from 6 weeks to 45 years of age
  4. Dental health assessed after interproximal enamel reduction: Caries risk in posterior teeth
  5. Evaluation of retention protocols among members of the American Association of Orthodontists in the United States
  6. Incidence of open gingival embrasures after mandibular incisor extractions: A clinical photographic evaluation
  7. Occlusal characteristics and quality of life before and after treatment of severe malocclusion
  8. Relapse revisited—again
  9. The effectiveness of Hawley and vacuumformed retainers: A single-center randomized controlled trial
  10. Third molar enucleation: diagnosis and technique
  11. Mandibular incisor alignment in untreated subjects compared with long-term changes after orthodontic treatment with or without retainers
  12. Orthodontic treatment with removal of one mandibular incisor: Outcome data and the importance of extraction site preparation
  13. A long-term study of the relationship of third molars to changes in the mandibular dental arch
  14. Artículo de revisión: Sistemas y tipos de retención
  15. La extracción seriada: Manejo ortodóncico y aplicación clínica (1ª Parte)
  16. La extracción seriada: manejo ortodóncico y aplicación clínica (2ª Parte)
  17. Maturation of untreated normal occlusion
  18. Serial extraction as a corrective procedure in dental orthopaedic therapy
  19. The role of the third molar in the cause of late lower arch crowding: A review

Diagnóstico en ortodoncia