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We believe that orthodontic treatment goes beyond simply placing your teeth or getting a nice smile. Orthodontics has repercussions on the child’s facial growth, on the function of the chewing muscles, on his health and on his smile, often improving the patient’s self-esteem.

The duration of orthodontic treatment is of vital importance to us, always making it as short as possible. It is for this reason that we often delay its initiation until almost all milk teeth have been changed. However, if a malocclusion can be treated before it is more severe, we will anticipate it thus obtaining a better growth of the jaws and avoiding in many occasions the extraction of permanent teeth. In adults, the devices are more comfortable for the patient and less visible to others.

In Ortoface we emphasize the importance of a correct oral hygiene during the treatment, this will avoid the inflammation of the gums and will help that the teeth are placed more quickly in their new positions. To do this we will teach you, at the beginning of the treatment, during an appointment exclusively dedicated to hygiene, how to brush your teeth with orthodontic appliances, offering you information on the hygiene techniques and material needed to achieve it. In addition, we work in coordination with your dentist and, in some cases with other specialists, that will help us achieve the best results in your orthodontic treatment. Since achieving a beautiful smile is a team effort, your collaboration will be imperative.