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About us - Clínica Ortoface

About us

At Ortoface Clinic, we have been exclusively dedicated to Orthodontics since 1992 with special emphasis on the treatment of skeletal and / or syndromic patients with facial malformations (Cleft lip and palate, cleft lip) (Down Syndrome, Craniofacial Microsomy, Syndrome Crouzon, Pierre Robin syndrome). Our aim is to improve the patients’ quality of life, their smile and the way the bite, always looking for harmony and facial balance.

We work coordinated with other specialists doctors (plastic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, and speech therapists among other) to obtain the best possible results.

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Meet our team of specialists in orthodontics, dentistry and oral hygiene.

Jesús Fernández Sánchez

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Claudia Vergé Viela

Español English

Cristina Fernández Martí

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Jasmine Motasheraee

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Auxiliar de ortodoncia

María Isabel González

Higienista dental y auxiliar de ortodoncia

Silvia Moya Muñoz

Oclusión y auxiliar de ortodoncia

Marcela Rozo Ávila

Departamento contable

Concepción Martí Lucía

Esterilización e higiene oral

María Salazar Gabaldón

Atención al paciente

Beatriz Muñoz Clemente

Atención al paciente

Gema Merino Redondo

Departamento de cursos y formación

Elena Salido Serrano

The clinic

A different environment is what Ortoface offers its patients. Away from the stress of invasive or uncomfortable treatments (fillings, root canals or extractions), our commitment to clinical space is totally different.

We do not perform any type of procedure where anesthesia is necessary, so there are no needles or “pliers” to “remove teeth” in our facilities.

We are dedicated solely to the prevention and treatment of malocclusion in total EXCLUSIVITY. We also work advising surgeons or dentists with less experience in orthodontics, and of course parents about the right time to start orthodontic treatment and get the fastest and most efficient therapeutic response.

With these images we want you to “feel” the structure and distribution of the office, all made to make patients feel “at home”.